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  1. A man in a blue suit and a bandage on his right ear, raises his right hand in a fist.

  2. A dark haired woman wearing glasses is shown in a video still from a Zoom meeting.

    A U.S. judge on Monday dismissed the criminal case accusing Donald Trump of illegally holding onto classified documents, dealing the former president another major legal victory in what some analysts believed was the most challenging case he was facing among his four criminal indictments.

  3. A man in a baseballcap and uniform with a visit that says

    With the U.S. presidential election looming, each campaign is placing its bets on Wisconsin, where small voting blocs and swing counties can sway what is now considered a 'purple' state — one that could determine the winner.

  4. A patch with French words is seen on a person

    A French soldier was stabbed outside a big train station in Paris on Monday, and the alleged attacker was arrested, officials said, while the city was under a high security alert 11 days before the opening ceremony of the 2024 Summer Olympics.

  5. A bride and groom, viewed from the side, hold each other

    A wedding reception on Sunday wrapped up monthslong celebrations as the youngest son of Mukesh Ambani, Asia's richest man, married his longtime girlfriend with a price tag estimated in the hundreds of millions.

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